21 June 2023

Wine vs Beer Educational

Join us as we unite the best of both worlds: renowned wine from the Mornington Peninsula and a thoughtfully curated selection of unique ales by Red Hill Brewery, handpicked by our special guest, David Golding, who will provide tasting notes and points of interest and comparison you wouldn’t normally have access to. This remarkable collaboration allows us to showcase the captivating interplay betweenIndian flavours and the diverse profiles of the liquid accompaniment.



Wednesday 21st June



Indulge in a remarkable evening where we celebrate the art of pairing exquisiteIndian cuisine from Paradise Bar and Bistro with both the finesse of wine and the craftsmanship of artisanal ales from Red Hill Brewery.

In world where we always think of food and wine, we aim to challenge the view that wine is not always the best option. This event is designed to enchant all palates, including those who are passionate about wine tastings but may not typically explore the culture of craft beer.

This is an invitation to expand your beverage repertoire and indulge in a sensory adventure that transcends traditional pairings where wine enthusiasts and beer aficionados alike can come together to savour the extraordinary fusion of flavours.

Whether you are a borderline sommelier, a “hop head” seeking new experiences, or simply a lover of exceptional food, this event promises an evening of unique enjoyment.

Paradise Bar and Bistro

Cost is $65 for Members and $75 for Guests

(Please note that Trybooking charges booking fees which will be added on purchase)

Bookings are now open and will close Monday June 19th at midday.

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